Preschool Curriculum

Creative Art, Printables & Lesson Plans




  • A Wide Variety of Preschool Activities to

    Stimulate Creativity, Growth & Development in Young Children
    • Pre-K Lesson Plans
      Arts & crafts, music & movement, group activities organized into popular preschool themes
    • Printable Games

      A variety of printable games to make learning fun!

    • Printables

      Certificates, Book Marks, Blank Calendars, Sight Cards and Coloring Sheets

    • Creative Art

      Open-ended art activities that focus on the process, rather than the product

    • Activity Sheets

      For Kindergarten readiness or just for fun, a fun way to reinforce preschool skills

    • Spanish

      Achievement Certificates, Activity Sheets, Spanish/English Picture Pages

  • Lesson Plans - Each Weekly Preschool Theme Includes:

  • We ALSO INCLUDE these Materials to Enhance our Curriculum:

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